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Before titles, plantations and European civilization, this tiny piece of land the natives called Wampancheone was home to deer, waterfowl, palmetto and cedar. The creek it fronted teemed with trout and oysters. The soil, a special clay, was better suited to earthenware than food crops.

In 1681, just a few years after the founding of the Charles Towne colony, King Charles II of England rewarded a loyal subject and members of 'The First Fleet Society' by bestowing on him title to 17,000 acres of Lowcountry wilderness to be named the Christ Church Land Grant.


A corner of this enormous grant became known as Boone Hall Plantation, named after Major John Boone, the beneficiary of the King's largess. The title to this land and the plantation of which it was part, passed from the Boone family to the brothers Horlbeck in 1817. Under their management, these 513 acres with natural deepwater access and unusual clay soil became first the plantation's brickyard and then brickyard to all colonial Charleston. At its peak the mid-1800s, this land produced 4,000,000 bricks annually. The old brick chimney stills stands as testament to the labor that took place here.

Today, this land is once again alive with palmettos and cedar. Waterfowl abound in the marsh and along the edges of its many ponds. Horlbeck Creek features some of the most productive trout fishing in the Lowcountry. The Wando River, just moments downstream, is classified as one of the most pristine rivers on the Eastern seaboard; and, acre for acre, out produces the world famous oyster beds of the James River in Virginia.

Brickyard Plantation has taken exceptional steps to preserve and protect this land. Bordered by Boone Hall Plantation and Horlbeck Creek, Brickyard has natural buffer zones to protect it from other developments. Of our 513 acres, more than 100 acres are dedicated to lakes, forests and wetlands. In residential areas, home sites are situated to take full advantage of the land's beauty and natural diversity. Developed as debt-free and clean community with the property, infrastructure and amenities owned free and clear without liens and encumbrances, Brickyard Plantation provides property owners with an extra measure of security. Our leading position among Charleston's residential communities has been well established.

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